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'The Hues' has been founded to provide high-quality simplified treats to your skin, hair and body. We know that every product counts, and hence, each product is selected, sourced, created and offered to you with utmost care and love. Striving on the pillars of cruelty-free and veganism, we want you to nurture yourself with care, and respect. We strongly believe in the statement 'Everyone is beautiful' and we just help you nurture what you have.

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Dead Sea Mud Clay is amazing for an oily to acne prone skin. Completely detoxifies all the pores & shreds out all the layers of dead skin cells so effectively. I'm in love with this product. Magically glides on the surface of your skin & starts the magic of it in a jiffy.

Loved their Turmeric hydrosol. It smells so amazing and soothe my skin , helps to control my oily skin and also acne

Turmeric Hydrosol is absolutely refreshing. By far one of the best hydrosols I have used. I use it as a toner and mix it with my face masks as well. I also use it when performing Gua Sha. I find the spray dispenses the perfect quantity of the product and very convenient to use. This is a must have in everyone's stash and I will repurchase it for sure.

The hues beauty hydrosols are pure, fresh, absorb like a dream and an absolute must have specially during summers and their Dead Sea mud mask is something my entire family loves.


For promoting sustainability, we accept 5 full sized empties in return of rewards. Kindly check the products for instructions, or drop us a mail.

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