Our Bakuchiol Oil is made up from the seeds of Babchi plant, sourced from Kota (Rajasthan). One litre of Bakuchiol Oil is produced by around 11Kgs of Babchi seeds. Since, it is an endangered species of the plant, we strongly urge to buy it only when needed.


Key Benefits-

  1. It is anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal and astringent in nature.
  2. It helps to heal, calm and soothe the skin.
  3. It is anti-ageing in nature, and firms out the skin.
  4. It evens out skin tone.
  5. It helps with hair greying as well (if the hair greying is recent)



How to use-

As a facial oil- Take 2 drops of the oil on palm, rub your palm to warm the oil a bit, dab on your face post moisturisation. Preferred to use during night time.


As a nail oil- Take 2 drops and massage it on the nails of another hand for a minute. Do this for both hands/legs.

Bakuchiol Oil

    1. Store the bottle in a cool place, always away from direct sunlight.
    2. Patch test before use.
    3. Avoid using the oil during pregnancy.


For promoting sustainability, we accept 5 full sized empties in return of rewards. Kindly check the products for instructions, or drop us a mail.

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