Cucumber Hydrosol is a perfect summer skin care companion, to save you from the scorching heat. Cucumbers are known for their cooling properties, and so is the steam distilled hydrosol of cucumber pulp.


Key Benefits:

  • It instantly cool down and relax you. 
  • It makes a great toner for your skin, and can be used multiple times a day.
  • It will hydrate the skin, while providing cooling/calming benefits to it.
  • It exhibits a fresh and refreshing scent. 
  • It helps with reversal of sun/wind damage. However, only a sunscreen can help the skin from UV Rays.
  • It also helps the skin with heat boils, by calming them.
  • It can be sprayed on scalp for a tone of refreshment and calming your head.
  • It can help relax the eyes after excessive screen time or from tiredness or pain. (Close your eyes and spray it well on them.)



What are hydrosols?

Hydrosols are basically water that is obtained by condensation of the water that has been evaporated (a process of known as distillation). The water that is being distilled has the herb (flower, root, branch, etc) inside the boiler, due to which the water soluble content of the herb is mixed with distilled water (called Hydrosol). These are suitable for all skin types.


How to use Hydrosols?

  • Spray it on your face after cleansing, and apply serum/moisturiser on damp skin.
  • Soak a re-usable facial pad in the hydrosol, and gently wipe your face.
  • Mix the hydrosol with any powdered cleanser/mask to activate it.
  • Spray them on face while travelling for cooling effects.
  • Spray it on your scalp/hair before applying oil or serum for frizz-free hair.
  • Any other way, it can suit you and your skin.

Cucumber Hydrosol

    1. Store the bottle in a cool place, always away from direct sunlight.
    2. Patch test before use.
    3. This hydrosol calms down the skin, but may not be the only cure to the sun damage or heat boils.


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